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What services can we provide?

The St Elizabeth Care Agency gives personal and practical domestic help at home for anyone over the age of 18 in Ipswich, Woodbridge & surrounding areas.
Our service is flexible and designed to be delivered at times when a client wants and needs it. We recognise the importance of time well-spent with a client. That is why our minimum visit time is 60 minutes. Visits can be much longer, if required.
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We always agree the length of time with each client, as part of their assessment, and this includes taking account of the client’s financial means.

We provide services during the day, evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays and can also consider requests for waking nights, sleeping in and short-term respite care.

We have a team of qualified carers available to support our client services. We are very careful in matching our home carers to client services and take into account our clients wishes and needs when carrying out the initial assessment.

How do we know what you want & need?

  • We start by coming to meet you in person either in your own home or in hospital

  • We find out what you want and need from St Elizabeth Care Agency to understand how we can help

  • We assess your home situation, including any risks, so that we can keep everyone safe

  • If needed, we can talk to someone else who knows your situation and can speak on your behalf

What happens next?


  • We will tell you if we can offer a service to you and, if so, how much it will cost.

  • If you want to go ahead, we will write a Plan of Care and Support, so our home carers know what help to give and you know what you can expect to happen.

Who will come and visit and when?

  • All visits will be carried out by suitable home carers who will respect your personal wishes and meet your needs.

  • If you need regular visits, there will be more than one home carer visiting you.

  • The home carers will come on the days and at the times we have agreed with you.

  • Our home carers use the Access Care Planning app, which means they have a complete record of your personalised care needs, which is updated immediately and automatically. 


St Elizabeth Care Agency

567 Foxhall Road




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